About The Homestead

College and Seminary President

Dear Dr. Pent:
May I take this opportunity of thanking you, your wife, and all the family for their marvelous ministry in our midst. Our people are reading and studying the Bible now as never before. You were certainly sent by the Lord to us. The Homestead College course is also catching fire in our church.

Dr. Jerry Falwell
Pastor Thomas Road Baptist Church
Lynchburg, Virginia

(Dr. Falwell wrote this letter in 1965. He later went on to found Liberty University and Seminary in Lynchburg).

Home Missionary

With each Book we gain a broader picture of God's full revelation as given to man. After writing each assignment I have the strong desire to begin again, as once my mind has settled on the Word a few weeks, more things come to mind; and after reading each new Book I understand the last one better.

Police Chief

I want to thank you for the college and the study courses the school provides. The school not only has helped me in my walk with Christ, but has helped me in my job as a police chief.

My community is small and was hungry for what God provides. through God's trust in me, he has allowed this community to become a safer place to live. The power of God and the education I received from the college has given me the tools to be the person God trusted, to let His light shine bright in a dark place.

Ministerial Candidate

Regardless of what studies I pursue in the future, the "Whole Bible Course" has laid the foundation for my ministry, and other studies would only build on that foundation.

Christian Counselor

This has been a marvelous time of study through "The Whole Bible Course." I have enjoyed it very much, and I do recommend it to everyone that I have opportunity to do so.


I thank God for your ministry in Bible education. There is a definite need for this kind of teaching amongst our Bible-starved preachers.

Public School Teacher and Preacher

My education in Bible and Theology with The Homestead College of Bible forms a major portion of my tools for doing ministry and I often refer students to your worthy program.


I would like to say that it has been a most enjoyable time of deep study in God's Word. I have learned more about the Bible in this "Course", studying on my own, than I could have learned in the finest University lecture hall.

Chairman of Orange County (LA) Young Republicans

I just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful course. I continue to find it very inspirational and educational.


I take this opportunity to tell you how richly I have been blessed by this Bible course. Not only have I increased my knowledge of the Bible, but I have attained new spiritual heights. Thank you for your patience and guidance throughout this course.

Doctoral Candidate

Up until this time, other schools had sent many aids, but now the Word of God was before me, and with the challenge set before me I embarked upon what became the greatest opportunity of my life. I will ever be indebted to you.

There are many teaching systems with misconceptions, and it is against these we are protected when first we seek to have a thorough knowledge of the Word of Truth as presented by the Author Himself.

The Homestead College of Bible and Graduate School
Department 2000 | P.O. Box One | Orlando, FL 32802