The educational process of the College is designed
to operate by two avenues:

  1. Computer and e-mail writing activity between individual students and the Dean of Grading at the College office.
  2. Direct correspondence activity with individual students by conventional postal service (regular mail) to and from
    the Dean of Grading.

One hundred and fifty lectures are presented by audiotape/CD for the courses (45 minute messages). Professional reading of the entire Bible by Dr. Pent is also provided on audiotape/CD. Expositional outlines are provided in conjunction with assignments for each of the 66 books of Scripture.

Student examinations on the Bible are submitted for analysis and grading to the Dean of Grading at the College Headquarters by regular mail or e-mail.

All course research is conducted in the sixty-six Old and New Testament books of Scripture by use of the King James Version.

Written assignments are returned to the student for further guidance after being analyzed and graded.

Graduate work is conducted by Dr. Pent in association with his Consultant Faculty through individual and directed research in the Scriptures. This research is generally accompanied by structured outlines augmented by specific Scripture assignments. The purpose of this research method is for instruction in the chosen topic and for aid in development of the richest possible scripture knowledge.

Grading of student work in all assignments is conducted with full respect to all Biblical Christian doctrinal positions.

Previous knowledge of the Bible is of particluar advantage in these Programs. As all reading and research for the "Whole Bible Course" are conducted in the Scriptures, those possessing significant knowledge of the Bible from earlier reading and study find the remaining reading and research time needed for achievement of their degree considerably less than usual.

The Bible with its 66 Books according to its eight major divisions provides the entire curriculum for the College. As the foundation for all course instruction, it is employed systematically as follows:

  • Law of Moses: 5 Books
  • History of Israel: 12 Books
  • Poetry and Wisdom: 6 Books
  • The Prophets: 3 Major, 13 Minor
  • The Gospel of Christ: 4 Books
  • Acts: 1 Book
  • Epistles: 18 Letters, 3 Ministerial
  • Revelation (Apocalypse): 1 Book
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