About The Homestead

The Homestead College of Bible secured its Charter with the Florida Department of State in 1964. Based on Biblical educational systems under development since 1919 by Dr. Arnold V. Pent and his family, and on Bible Conference and Institute State Charters since 1932.

Under the Department of Education, the College received authorization for 35 years from the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities, and is now answerable to the Commission for Independent Education.

The First District Court of Appeals, Supreme Court of Florida, ruled unanimously in 1973 that Homestead College of Bible, in offering education "limited exclusively to the Books of the Bible" as a legal college, was properly exercising its authority in the granting of collegiate degrees.

For 30 years, major educational institutions, including Oxford University, England, have accepted transcripts from The Homestead College of Bible.

In addition, highly satisfied graduates are employed in a great variety of occupations, both in Christian service and public vocations.

The Homestead College of Bible and Graduate School
Department 2000 | P.O. Box One | Orlando, FL 32802