Why the Bible?
The Bible is the one indispensable and completely reliable source of learning, wisdom and understanding for
your personal and professional life.

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You can earn your degree in the fields of Theology and Biblical studies with concentrations in Biblical Arts, Biblical Education, Biblical Counseling, Biblical Philosophy, Biblical Science, Biblical Law, Biblical Ministry, and Biblical Missiology.

Whether your chosen field of learning and activity is administration, business, law, medicine, leadership, public service, pastoral ministry, evangelism, education or you simply want to study and learn more about God's Word, The Homestead College of The Bible and Graduate School is your answer. This is the best education for ministers and laypeople! All courses are entirely in the Scriptures. Study and receive credit for all 66 books of the Bible.

These courses were developed by specialists, with Bible insight gained through over ninety consecutive years of Biblical reading and study, augmented by extensive teaching and Biblical educational activity since 1919. Apply Online Now >>

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